What's Cooking

These past two days I've done my best to make up for my last six months away from American food .  It all started with a brownie at the airport.    Then there was the Sourdough Jack, the Honey Bacon Club from Quizno's, the clam chowder, and Chipotle (sounds healthy, doesn't it!).  For snacks, baby carrots, parmesan goldfish, and string cheese.  For dinner tonight I had a steak wrapped in bacon, a side salad with blue cheese dressing and cheddar cheese, bread, and veggies.  You're probably thinking what's the big deal, but I have missed these things dearly.  To top it off, my bill for dinner was only $20.  I don't think Americans realize how cheap the food is - in Oz you would never get free bread, or sides included with your meal - that same food would have been $60 easy.  Of course, I've probably eaten more hormones in the last 2 days than I have living in Oz combines.  I guess everything has its price.


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