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The Great Pink Lakes

It's all Pinterest's fault, my obsession with pink lakes.  When I was researching our trip to Busselton and South - Western Australia I saw this pin of a pink lake in Esperance.  There was a lake named pink lake in town and a caravan park nearby called pink lake caravan park so I figured we better stay there and see Pink Lake.
I've kind of always had a love for things that are pink that aren't typically pink.  When I was young my brothers would launch model rockets and my dad helped me make one named Big Bertha.  Of course we painted it pink.  Then a few years later he gave me a pink swiss army knife with my name engraved on the blade.  Unfortunately it was lost a long time ago but I think that was one of my favourite presents ever.    So when I found out there was a pink lake, I knew it was something I had to see.

When we drove around Pink Lake in Esperance it was disappointingly very blue.  In a certain light it might have had a vague hint of a really light pink, but b…

When Sewing Machines Attack

Yesterday I was finishing up the quilting on a custom order with just a few inches of quilting to go.  Then I hear a clank, see the needle break, and look down to find a large piece of the needle lodged in my thumb.  Oops.  I looked at it for a minute in disbelief, wishing there was an undo button.  The needle exited my nail at a very different angle than it entered, and I hadn't a clue how it was going to come out.
I called Phil, who was in the middle of a long training run without his phone.  Then I texted a friend, still sort of in shock.  Ice it, she said.  Yes, ice.  The ice numbed it right up.  I took another look hoping the ice had magically removed the needle but no such luck. 
I kept waiting, and decided to brush my teeth and get ready for a long day at the ER.  I sent Phil another message with a picture of my thumb and a simple plea - help!
He finally finished his run and came home mentally preparing himself to remove the needle with pliers.  He couldn't see the 90 degr…