Guest Book - Elvira

Frist thank you for the invitation, Melbourne's best park; the Botanical Gardens, the Apostled tour, the penguins, were beautiful to visit and the most special part of this visit was to meet you, and meet George, a cat, that, like my own cats, eat cantaloupe (rock mellon).  The walkings by the end of the day with ducks and kangaroos in their natural habitat (one of them very big indeed - scary).
Thanks Suzannah for I didn't have to decide whether to go or not to Phillip Island - just do it - go.  it was AWESOME to see the penguin parade.

Thanks Phil for all the rides and to both for all the pick ups and for the opportunity of doing a tarot reading in English.

I'm grateful for the time together in this trip.  You have a home in Brazil to come.

Happy 2012

Sao Paulo, Brazil


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