Tanna, Vanuatu Part 2

There was a wonderful snorkelling spot called the Blue Hole a short walk from the resort so we went there a couple times and frolicked with the fishies.  The weather was perfect and the water was warm so it was a very relaxing few days.
The Blue Hole
Fish in the Blue Hole
More fish in the Blue Hole

Blue starfish we found in the rocks
Pretty sunset at the Blue Hole
We also took a small boat up the coast to a place called the Blue Cave.  The boat trip in itself was worth the journey as it took us along unspoiled coastline for some amazing views.
The coastline from the boat near the Blue Cave
We got to the Blue Cave at low tide which made the opening just big enough to snorkel through.  Inside the cave was huge and the bottom was covered in clean white sand so it made the blue water of the cave spectacular.  A small hole at the top of the cave let a shaft of light through.  It was quite a spectacular place that pictures could not do justice to.

Inside the Blue Cave looking towards the opening we snorkelled through
The snorkelling outside the Blue Cave was amazing!

After a few days in paradise it was time to fly back to Port Vila.


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