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The (Almost) Winter Blues

A few weeks ago I told Phil I thought my blood was getting a little thicker having lived in Melbourne through three winters.  Turns out it just wasn't that cold yet.  Well, now it is, and my San Diego blood has definitely not adapted.
Ever since we changed the clocks back at Easter, it's been dark by 5:30 and I've been in hibernation mode.  By 7 pm I'm ready to go to bed.  All these cold, dark, wet days have been really getting to me, so Phil decided to take us to breakfast and a walk in the cute little town of Emerald.  It's a 30 minute drive into the mountain town.  We stopped for breakfast at the Emerald Bakery, a glorious place selling the most amazing baked goods. After brekkie we headed to Emerald Park Lake, where we took the dog for a nice walk around the lake.  It was cold out but the lake is in a valley sheltered from the wind, making it a bit warmer.  There were plenty of ducks around for the dog to chase, and we enjoyed the sights of the falling autumn lea…

Bruny Island, Tasmania

After having such a great time on Maria Island, we were looking forward to exploring Bruny Island, just south of Hobart.  We carefully set the clocks forward an hour for daylight savings so that we could get up early enough to catch the 9 am ferry.  Then I woke up in the middle of the night and realised it was actually fall back, and all of a sudden we had two more hours of sleep.

We drove an hour and a half from Orford to the ferry, paid the fare, and pulled right on to the boat.  It was a quick 15 minute ride over, and then we set off to explore the island.  We started on the north side, where there are only dirt roads.  It was a scenic drive around the top, the only town up there is little tiny and it seemed like everyone in the town was out enjoying Easter Sunday.  

Then we headed south back to the pavement and the south part of the island.  We stopped at the Bruny Island Cheese Co and shared a nice cheese platter.  Then we headed around the East Coast of the Island.  The island was…