Time Warp

Let's do the time-warp again.
Apparently most of Australia takes January off, and it took us a couple weeks to figure out why.  At first I figured everyone was just taking an extra week off from the Christmas holidays, but even this week people are off, and it seems that many don't return for another week or two still.  Then I remembered that it is the school holidays for kids, and that's when it hit me.  Duh, it's summer vacation.  Just like kids in the states have July and August off and everyone disappears, here they have January off.  Makes sense now.  Except it's raining outside right now- Melbourne seems to have a different idea of summer than I do.  San Diego, summer, and rain just don't mix like that.

On days when I forget about what month it is and remember that it's summer, I get really confused when I see updates about football playoffs.  Why are the playoffs in the summer, shouldn't they be in the winter?  And so my brain just keeps on spinning (counter-clockwise of course!)


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