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'Twas The Night Before Ironman

'Twas the night before Ironman, and all through the town,
no triathlete was sleeping, they were too tightly wound.
The tri-gear was hung on the doorknob with care,
Tomorrow is Ironman! Time for a prayer.
The Timex was set for a quarter 'til four,
plus another as backup, and even one more.
Deep breathing and Tums and some TV, perhaps,
Hoping to sleep, or at least to relax.
Tossing and turning for much of the night,
Dozing and dreaming of that first morning light,
Then just as the eyelids at last start to close,
Off go the alarms, scares you down to your toes!
You leap out of bed, and go check out the moon
The adrenaline's pumping, the senses attuned.
"So what if it's hot, and who cares about wind,
I feel like a million - bring it on! Count me in!"
With tire pump and needs bag and the rest of your gear,
It's time to get moving on down towards the pier.
From Melbourne, from Sydney, from Brisbane they come,
all down to Frankston, more than 1500 strong.
With …


This week I was the lucky recipient of a flu virus.  Gotta love the headaches, shivers, sweats, and expulsions that come with a bug, plus how you lay around for so long that at some point even laying around starts hurting.  But no one cares, that's hardly the interesting part.

Once I started feeling better I knew I needed to eat, and the two things I could actually stomach were Sprite and Saltine crackers.  Too bad they don't sell saltines here.  I've found some vaguely similar crackers that sort of look like bigger saltines, but they don't have that same satisfying salty nothing taste I crave when I'm not feeling well.  So I had to make do with toast.  Really not the same, though it was amusing to hear Phil ask me if we even have a toaster.  Yes dear, it's that shiny metal thing with the two slots and the crumpet setting, duh! :)
The sprite problem was easier to solve because I had bought a bottle of Lemonade awhile ago - apparently that's what one makes s…