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Guest Book - Amy and Michel

Our stay at the Richardson Chateau was lovely. It definitely surpassed our expectations, and we will gladly return in the future. The proprietors, Maybe and George, are always close by to check on how things are going. The managers, Suzannah and Phil, were also great hosts; giving recommendations and tips on what to see and do in the area. We particularly enjoyed the extra excursions to the Kangaroo Track and the Penguin Parade. During the week, the chauffeur service to and from the train station was prompt and comfortable. On the weekend, the breakfast was lovely, as was the shuttle to the market. Make sure
to order the Honey Mustard personal pies from the restaurant! Also, we heard that an Alpaca will soon be added to the Chateau, so we are definitely looking forward to meeting it on our next trip. Fondly, Amy & Michel Goldstein Seattle, Washington,


We spent this last week on a whirlwind tour of Tasmania (picture the cartoon of the Tasmanian Devil - that was us!). Phil and I flew down to Hobart early last Saturday morning and drove up th East coast to explore the Freycinet National Park area. I really wanted to see Wineglass Bay, but unfortunately the main trail to view it from was closed and the other option was too much of a hike for the time we had. We did explore the rest of the area though and found some absolutely beautiful beaches, not to mention a beach named Richardsons Beach. Naturally we had to get our picture taken next to the sign. I am in love with Australian beaches. People think Hawaii has nice beaches, but they really don't compare to the ones here. The water is much more breathtaking here, more turquoise than blue and very clear. The red sand really contrasts with the turquoise water, and the nearby gum and paper trees complete the picture. I find them really peaceful and so much more intense than …

Lazy Sunday Sip

This morning I realized with horror that our 28-bottle wine fridge had three lonely bottles remaining. It quickly became clear that today's plans would have to be rearranged. It was time to go wine tasting in an effort to restock the supply. I informed Phil of the change in plans and we set out to explore the Mornington Peninsula. It was a crisp, clear spring day and everyone was still hung over from the Grand Final yesterday so the wineries were empty.
After visiting a winery we drove to Arthur's Seat, which is a hill with a nice view of the bay. The road to the top is steep and winding so Phil is hoping to use this as a training ride for the Ironman he's doing in March. We also drove to the bay so I could show Phil the beach huts. They are basically just brightly-colored sheds that people purchase for outrageous amounts of money. Last night was daylight savings and we changed the clocks forward an hour, so now when it's 8 am here it's 2 pm the previous …

Bad Religion

A coworker recently asked me what the primary religion is here. My answer: Sport. Australians worship sport here in all different forms, footy, rugby, cricket, tennis, netball, etc. They aren't a particularly religious bunch. In fact, so far in old church buildings I've seen a really bad Mexican restaurant, an Ugg boot shop, and a yoga studio.

Today was the footy Grand Final, which is basically like the Super Bowl except with way less commercials interrupting the game. Aussie rules football is interesting to watch. They score by kicking goals through the center posts for 6 points or the outer two posts for 1 point. The ball might be a similar shape to American football and they tackle people, but that's pretty much where the similarities end. In footy they don't take breaks or wear pads, they play long and hard and are really strong athletes.

I would typically watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, but with footy it's about the game (plus lets be honest, …