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Yellow Water Billabong

Our guide for the four wheel drive waterfall tour suggested that Barramundi Falls was another great stop, and so we decided to check it out the following day.  We originally wanted to see Gunlom Falls, the waterfall in Crocodile Dundee, but without a four wheel drive vehicle this was the next best choice.  It was only 10 km of dirt track from the main road, and a short walk up to the falls.  Unfortunately because it was easy to get to it got quite crowded when we were there, but we had long enough to enjoy a paddle across the pool to the waterfall before it got to that point.  The absolute highlight of the day though was the sunset cruise we took in the Yellow Water Billabong.  Somehow we ended up on the boat with all the screaming kids, but even with that constant background noise it was still an incredible experience.  The boat hadn't even left the dock before we saw a giant croc skimming along the water.  There were birds (brave birds!) everywhere and the changing light was stun…

Jim Jim and Twin Falls

In Kakadu we took a four wheel drive bus tour to Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls.  Like most of the NT scenery, it was a rather unexciting hour long drive to the falls, but once we were there the scenery was absolutely spectacular. It was a 900 meter walk from the car park to Jim Jim Falls, though the last bit involved scrambling around boulders so felt a little bit longer.  The good thing about having to climb the big rocks to get to the falls is the crocs can't climb the rocks, so it makes it a bit safer to swim there.
There are some stunning pictures of Jim Jim Falls online, but the trick with this waterfall is the only way to see it flowing like that is during wet season when you can drive it.  So unless you want to take a helicopter in between the rain, there's only a trickle of water the rest of the year.  The water was quite fresh in the pool because it was sitting in the shade of the towering cliffs.  It was warm enough outside that after a few minutes in the water we numbe…

A Stunning Sunset In Ubirr

We spent last week exploring the Northern Territory with our good friend Missy.  She lives in Singapore, and Darwin seemed like the perfect halfway point to meet and see some truly Australian scenery.  I had spent quite a bit of time between Darwin and Katherine for work and was looking forward to showing them this weird and beautiful part of Australia.  Two years after we started planning, we finally went on our trip.
We landed in Darwin and started the trip with a tour of Darwin City.  5 minutes later.... we headed to Cullen Bay for lunch.  Then we went for a wander around the tide pools at East Point.  After several months of Melbourne winter, the sunshine on our shoulders felt glorious. On our way to dinner, we noticed that it was nearly sunset and stumbled on a crowd of people gathered on the grass to watch the sunset.  Who knew it would be such a party!  It was a great way to start the trip, and this turned out to be the first of many amazing sunsets. On day 2 we set out on the 2.5…