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Tassie Time

When the Victorian government declared a public holiday for the Footy Grand Final Parade last month, we very quickly booked tickets back to Tasmania for the long weekend.  We had been wanting to explore the North East region of the state and figured that was the perfect opportunity to do so.
We flew in to Launceston on Friday morning and headed straight to some wineries along the Tamar Valley Wine Route.  Some were new to us, some we had been to before, and we excitedly stocked up to ship some back home.  It was a rare warm(ish) October day - two of our previous trips to Tassie had also been during the month of October and we were snowed on during both of those adventures. After lunch we started the drive over to the East Coast, taking crazy country dirt roads along the way. It wasn't exactly intentional, but we seem to always end up on dirt roads somehow so it wasn't really that surprising.  We did solve the mystery of what's in the North East corner of Tassie - not much!   …

Guest Book - Mom and Dad Round 4

September 12 2015

Bali was fun in its own peculiar way.  Thanks for inviting me to go with you.  Now we have to get busy and sew all of those fabrics!  The Lion King was fabulous today.  What a lot of work that was to produce.  Now I'll have to watch the cartoon version! 

See you next time - 

I had a lovely restful week after George and I had a difference of opinion and he tried to remove my left thumb.  Hopefully I'm not bringing some sort of contagion back to the US which will land me in quarantine for 90 days.  The trip to Marysville was great!


Bali Trip: The Grand Finale

The last day of our Bali tour was a free day, and also happened to be my birthday.  A few of us decided to go see some more sights with the guide who took my mom and I around on our first day in Bali.  What a perfect way to spend a birthday - exploring a new country with my mother and a great group of new friends.  We started the day off at Elephant Cave Temple, where we walked around and explored the grounds.
 Next we stopped at a coffee plantation where the famous Luwak coffee is made.  A guide showed us the many plants they grow there and then walked us through the Luwak coffee-making process.  The animals eat the coffee beans, then once they poop them out they are washed, roasted, and made into coffee.  It was a bit strange to think that people drink poop coffee but to each their own I guess.  I'm not a coffee drinker, but I found the process and the other plants they had really interesting.  My favourite was the cinnamon tree - I had no idea before that day that it was a tree.…

Bali Trip: Cooking up a feast and fabric

We had a choice between a Balinese Spa Day or a Balinese Cooking Class so my mom and I chose the cooking class.  We started off at a traditional market and walked around where the locals shopped. It was interesting to experience the sights and smells of the traditional market compared to the ones in more touristy areas. Then the teacher took us to her family's compound where she handed out recipes and walked us through a feast of delicious food.  We first made a a base curry sauce that we ended up using in most dishes.  It had so many different flavours, some familiar to us and some new.  We chopped, ground, sautéed, and soon we were enjoying a delicious feast for lunch.  The cooking class was a great way to try some local dishes that we wouldn't have necessarily tried in a restaurant.
We had some free time in the afternoon, so we headed  back to Denpasar to stock up on more fabric.  We had to make sure we filled up our luggage allowance!

 The following day we went to one of the …