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Santa’s Aussie Holiday

by Maria Farrer and Anna Walker
The Arctic’s cold, with ice and snow, And that’s where Santa lives, you know.
On Christmas Eve he flies so fast We rarely see him whizzing past- But he keeps a lookout on his way For a place to take his holiday.
Each year he likes to have some fun, A chance to get some rest and sun; He spins his globe for inspiration And finds a perfect destination.
A big smile spreads across his face… Australia is the perfect place!
He packs his bag, his surfboard too, And lands his sleigh at Australia Zoo. He leaves his reindeer in the care Of friendly locals who live there.
He hires a ute and takes a ride To town – to buy a tourist guide, A t-shirt, thongs and bushman’s hat, Stubbies – and Aussie things like that.
He heads to Fraser Island first, The heat, it gives him quite a thirst! He cools off in the champagne pool And learns about the dingo rules.
And after going four-wheel driving, He heads up north for scuba diving. He dives around the Barrier Reef And meets a shark with long sharp teeth…

An Amazing Sunday in the Whitsundays

Pinterest costs me a lot of money.  Every time I see a pretty picture from somewhere in Australia, I figure out a way to go there and see the picture in person.  This time, it was this stunning picture from the Whitsundays.

Jetstar was certainly an enabler when earlier this year they introduced a Melbourne - Proserpine/Whitsunday Coast flight.  The day they introduced them the prices were ridiculously cheap so I quickly jumped in and picked a weekend in October.  That was in March.
Finally October came and we took the 2.5 hour flight North.  We stayed near Airlie Beach and explored the town centre when we landed.  We strolled around the Saturday morning market, and the mix of beach ware and coconut oil made me think for a minute I was back in Bali.  Then we walked down the main drag and stopped in The Great Northern Brewery for some beers and lunch.  Our plans for lunch were soon thwarted when we realised we had an hour until the kitchen opened, but Phil was happy to have a couple beers…

Tassie Time

When the Victorian government declared a public holiday for the Footy Grand Final Parade last month, we very quickly booked tickets back to Tasmania for the long weekend.  We had been wanting to explore the North East region of the state and figured that was the perfect opportunity to do so.
We flew in to Launceston on Friday morning and headed straight to some wineries along the Tamar Valley Wine Route.  Some were new to us, some we had been to before, and we excitedly stocked up to ship some back home.  It was a rare warm(ish) October day - two of our previous trips to Tassie had also been during the month of October and we were snowed on during both of those adventures. After lunch we started the drive over to the East Coast, taking crazy country dirt roads along the way. It wasn't exactly intentional, but we seem to always end up on dirt roads somehow so it wasn't really that surprising.  We did solve the mystery of what's in the North East corner of Tassie - not much!   …

Guest Book - Mom and Dad Round 4

September 12 2015

Bali was fun in its own peculiar way.  Thanks for inviting me to go with you.  Now we have to get busy and sew all of those fabrics!  The Lion King was fabulous today.  What a lot of work that was to produce.  Now I'll have to watch the cartoon version! 

See you next time - 

I had a lovely restful week after George and I had a difference of opinion and he tried to remove my left thumb.  Hopefully I'm not bringing some sort of contagion back to the US which will land me in quarantine for 90 days.  The trip to Marysville was great!