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The Indonesia Petroleum Association Convention

A couple weeks ago I went back up to Jakarta for work.  I went for some meetings at the beginning of the week but ended up going to the Indonesia Petroleum Association Convention while I was there.  There were a lot of booths from some of the big multi-national oil and gas companies as well as a mix of more local companies.  The booths all had one thing in common - booth girls.  They all hired 18 year old girls to wear tight outfits (with shoulders covered of course, you have to keep *some* level of modesty in Indonesia) and high heels and they passed out brochures and literature.  I'm used to industrial trade shows wear there are the token women in similar outfits, but I think the thing that set this apart was how young they all were, and how obvious was that they were they solely to pass out flyers (and look at I suppose).  The other thing that struck me is that is 2017.  Surely there's a better way to spend money?