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A few days in Perth

A few weeks ago a coworker and I went to Perth for a busy week of meetings. We accidentally arrived on a public holiday so took the opportunity to stretch our legs and go for a walk.  We went to John Forrest National Park, on the outskirts of a neighbourhood just a few minutes' drive from the airport.  It was funny to see what a national park looks like in the west compared to the beautiful lush national parks I'm used to exploring in the east.  It was very dry and reminded me a lot of Mission Trails in San Diego.  A few minutes along the path we came to a train tunnel and decided to check it out.  We kept walking through the tunnel, getting father away from the outside light and noise.  It didn't look that far from the outside, but the farther in we got, the farther the other side seemed.  It was almost pitch black in the middle, but we kept shuffling our feet along hoping we wouldn't fall.  We finally made it to the other side and read the sign about the tunnel - app…