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Last weekend we made the 7-hr trek to Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).  A 7-hr drive in Australia feels like it is twice as long as a 7-hr drive in California.  With the exception of the submarine sitting in a park in one of the small towns we went through, the scenery is very monotonous.  We left earlier enough that we reached the city in the afternoon with just enough time for Phil to check in for his half ironman and then make a quick stop in the National Gallery of Australia.

The next morning we were up way too early but were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise as the athletes got ready for the race.  Fortunately the rain from the day before had cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful morning.  The Capital served as a nice backdrop during each leg of the race.

Phil ran a good race and finished an hour sooner than his last race three weeks ago.  Then it was time for a quick recovery nap before we went to the War Memorial.  Dinner that night was at the Alto rev…

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Brumbys Run

A couple weekends ago our good friends from the running group held the second annual Brumbys Run, named after the Brumby horses that she loves. The Brumby horses are a feral breed that were introduced to Australia in the late 1700s.  There's a big movement to eradicate them because they are non-native, though I wonder how people who are here because of recent immigration can possibly suggest such a thing.

The Brumby Run was a half marathon starting and ending at their property in the foothills of the Dandenong Mountains.  Running that far is not my cup of tea, so we went for a bird walk in the area instead.  After the run, we all shared a relaxing brunch potluck under the gum trees.  Here are a few snaps from that beautiful day.


Two weeks ago we made the 3-hour drive North to Shepparton for another half Ironman triathlon.  We ended up staying in a little town called Echuca, one of those little tourist traps set up to feel like you've taken a journey back in time.  It lies along the Murray River bordering Victoria and New South Wales.  Our accommodation for the weekend was in a gypsy wagon, a funky little thing with walls slanting out diagonally set in a very strange little garden.  

We took the opportunity to explore the region a bit and enjoyed lunch at an olive grove and did some wine tasting on the New South Wales side.  The wine was not so good, but the olives were delicious.  The mighty Murray was pretty and Maybe enjoyed a walk through the gum trees nearby.
Phil's race the following day was long and tough, but he finished and in a race like this that's really all that matters.  1.9 km swim, 90 km bike ride, and 22.2 km run is surely to tire even the best athlete out.