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US Trip: Sequoia Day 2

The second full day we spent at Sequoia Lake started of very rainy and wet.  We optimistically got ready to go on one of my dad's killer hikes, waiting until the 9:30 meeting time to make the call.  It was still raining then, but not super hard, so we decided to make a go of it anyway.  It sure beat being stuck inside the company on one of our few precious days there.
The rain didn't let up for quite awhile, but it was reasonably warm, we had decent jackets, and our hats kept the drops out of our eyes.  We took a route that started around the lake and then traveled up to Grant Grove.  By the time we got to the top it had stopped raining and we were happy we made the decision to go.  It was about 2.5 miles up, and then we turned around and started the 2.5 miles back to camp, returning just in time to scrounge some leftover cheese toasties for lunch.
In the afternoon it rained a bit more, but as some as it cleared up we took some kayaks out on the lake.  Individual kayaks of cours…

US Trip: Sequoia Day 1 - Lookout Peak

We recently returned from our first vacation back to the US since we've been living in OZ.  Yes, it took a few years, we had a lot of places to see over here that kept using up our time.  We flew out at 10 am on a cold, wintery Tuesday morning and landed in LA at 7:30 on a warm summer Tuesday morning.  Because of the early morning departure we didn't sleep much, which made the two hours it took us to get our bags and get through customs extra fun.  When we finally hit the road, our warm welcome back to LA was a freeway backed up with traffic.  Eventually we got moving on the four our drive towards Sequoia Lake, and stopped in Bakersfield for lunch so that Phil could have a taste of Chipotle. It had been four years and he had a serious craving for their burrito bowl.  We took turns stealing a few minutes of sleep on the drive and finally made up the mountains and to the lake.
Sequoia Lake is a YMCA family camp that my family has been going to for 31 years now.  The same groups o…

Guest Book - Missy V. III

Suzannah & Phil - 

My favorite-ist Aussies.  It's always great to see you two and the furry creatures you feed.  You always have the best tours scheduled for my visits and I never tire of the beautiful Australian scenery.  

Thanks for the wine tour, reuniting me with the penguins of Phillip Island and as always I must get my roo fix!  Can't wait to see you next time and looking forward to many more adventures.

Love, Missy

P.S. Thanks for enriching my Aussie vocal - don't be such a numpty (spelling will be the next lesson).  :)