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My Meadow Quilt

When I was in the US last year I saw a quilt class being offered in Melbourne in October and had to sign up.  It was to learn how to make the Meadow Quilt, a pattern by fabric designer Lizzy House.  The catch with the pattern is she doesn't publish it; the only way to make the quilt is to take the class. So I signed up.

I've been sewing for 20 years and have never actually taken a quilting class before.  I knew I wanted to use fabrics that were a little different than the meadow quilts I had seen, but I also didn't want to go broke buying $24/meter fabrics in Australia when I knew I get the same thing for $10 in the US.  It was right before my mom and I went to Bali, so I decided to keep an eye out for fabric there that would work.  On the days we went batik shopping in Denpasar I found bundles of the perfect fabrics for $2/yard.  I bought way more than I needed just to make sure I had enough.  With all of the batik factories we went to on that trip the fabric ended up bein…

Easter in the Mountains

Last weekend we had Friday and Monday off for Easter so we decided to take advantage of the long weekend and head to the mountains.  We stayed in Omeo, a little country town about a 5 hour drive from Melbourne.  It served as a good base for Phil to ride up Dinner Plain and Mt Hotham, his last two of the 7 Peaks Rides.  This is the first year he's been able to complete them all, we usually run out of weekends and can't fit in the long drives.  Luckily Easter was early this year so he had time to squeeze the last couple in before the end of March deadline.
Saturday morning Phil set out on the 40 km ride to Dinner Plain.  Maybe and I went for a walk in Omeo and hung around the cabin for a bit before driving out to meet him.  I stopped at the Mt Kosciuszko look out, and though I could see hills in the distance, had to rely on the sign to pin point the tallest mountain in Australia.  It's no Mt Everest but it's all we've got.  I stopped along the way to make sure he was …