Guest Book - Missy

First of all, I just want to say thank you.  You have truly made a life long dream of mine come true.  I really appreciate all you have done to make me feel welcome and especially appreciate your superb "hosting" activities from tour guiding to road tripping to amazing holiday celebrating.  I am honored that I got to spend your first Chrissie and New Years in Oz with you.  What an experience!
This trip has provided some pretty amazing scenery including beuatiful beaches, awesome wildlife, really blue lakes (huh?!), sinkholes full of possums (weird), beautiful and tasty vineyards and best of all the wonderful town of Colac, oh how it will be missed.
Thanks for the amazing adventures and let me know when you require another shipment of USA goods delivered as I am happy to accomodate.  You are truly lucky to have this opportunity in Oz!  I have had heaps of fun with only a glance at your new world.  Have an awesome 2012 filled with new adventures and much exploration!

Love, Missy Hart, San Diego, CA

P.S. The next time I visit I want to pet a koala!


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