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Margaret River. And Beer.

We had a half day before Phil's Ironman and the day after the race to explore the Margaret River area.  We had been there briefly during the last race son both knew that we needed to go back to see the Canal Rocks.  It's a rock formation on the coastline about 30 minutes south of Busselton.  The rocks are an interesting formation that channels water into sort of a plus sign.  The waves come in and push water across and also back and forth.  The rocks are tacky so very easy to climb around on, and one of our favorite things is to climb around on rocks so it was a sight we were looking forward to seeing again.

Monday Phil deserved a beer (or three) so we went down to Margaret River and tried some wineries and breweries.  We also stopped at the Margaret River Chocolate Shop and a cheese shop to sample some local treats.  I thought with a name like Margaret River the river would be really pretty and scenic.  But I was wrong.  It was a small and very unexciting river.  But we did fi…

Busselton Ironman

Last weekend Phil participated in the Ironman Triathlon in Busselton, Western Australia.  This was his seventh Ironman, but it was by far the most crazy that we have been a part of.

We flew in to Perth and drove the 2.5 hours South to Busselton.  Phil checked in that afternoon and got his race bags and number.  Saturday morning he turned them all in, one for the bike, one for the run, special needs bags for each, and a street bag for after the race.  There is a lot of organisation involved in these races and it's always amazing when he doesn't forget something.  He did a practice swim to get used to the wetsuit and water temperature and claimed to be looking forward to the 3.8 km swim the following morning.
Sunday morning we got up at 4:30 am, which was a lot easier than it sounds because we were still 3 hours ahead on Melbourne time.  We got down to the transition area and it seemed like there were more people than normal in the way.  The athletes doing the half ironman were ru…