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Trick or Trick

Tonight someone knocked on our front door, a rare enough occurrence that we looked at each other with puzzled faces upon hearing the sound.  Phil went to answer the door and was greeted with "Trick or Treat!"  Ahh yes, apparently it is Halloween.  We were a bit confused because we just landed back in Oz this morning, so having skipped October 30th we had forgotten it was now the 31st.  Phil quickly grabbed some Reese's Peanut Butter cups out of the pantry, and I yelled No!  Not the American candy!  You see, after having just stocked up on the good stuff over in the states, I was not about to hand it out to the local kids who won't appreciate it!  No way.  Fortunately we had 3 Freddo Frogs lying around so he grabbed those.  Then we realized the 3 kids were really 5 and grabbed the frogs and 2 peanut butter cups.  This would just have to do.  I think it was the first time kids have ever come to our door before, and the odd part is it happened in Australia.

They don'…

Shopping List

Like any true American, I took advantage of my unplanned trip to the US this week to catch up on some shopping.  Here's my shopping list, complete with the price differences in the two countries.  I think at this rate I've nearly paid for the trip!  (well, if you do some really weird math...) -

Mag Lite flash light: $30  (OZ = $100)
Torque wrench: $10 (OZ = $90 ON SALE)
Running shoes: $50 (OZ = $150-200+)
Johnny Walker: $18 (OZ = $45)
Bathing Suit: $45 (OZ = $68)
Cute work shirts: $20-30 (OZ = $90+, and they are ugly and don't fit)
Work pants: $30 (OX = $80)
Peanut Butter M&Ms: $2.99 (OZ = $12.99)
Kong for the puppy: $6.99 (OZ = $14.99)
Books: $1 each (OZ = $5-25)
Rasberries: $1.50 (OZ = $7)
Batting for quilts: $3.75/yard (OZ = $24/meter)
Running socks: $11 (OZ = $35)
Running shorts: $15 (OZ = $40)
Mascara: $6 (OZ = $19.25)



While my parents were in town visiting we decided to show them our favorite place in Australia - Tasmania.  We flew down to Hobart early Saturday morning, and Phil immediately set out on a long bike ride up Mt. Wellington.  My parents and I took the scenic route, stopping in historic Richmond to see the oldest bridge in Australia and to visit one of my mom's painting friends.  By the time we eventually made it to the top of Mt. Wellington it was snowing and the famous view of Hobart looked a lot like mashed potatoes.

The next day we again left Phil to fend for himself on the bike and we drove out to Port Arthur, the historical site where Great Britain originally dumped its outcast prisoners.  We enjoyed the pleasant Tassie weather (meaning chilly but not raining) and strolled around the original prison buildings.  Once Phil caught up to us, exhausted because the "flat ride" turned out to be quite hilly, we explored the beautiful coastline surrounding…

Getting Plastered

"Help me!"

That's what I heard last weekend when I was walking into the local home improvement store with my parents.  I turn around in time to see my mother fall first onto her left knee, then her right shoulder.  And then there she sits, not able to move.  A man saw and ran over to help, along with a couple Bunnings staff members.  They managed to get her out of the way of traffic, but she couldn't seem to get up.  Not sure if it was just painful bruises or more, we eventually got her into a wheelchair and into the store to wait and see if she was able to walk.
After an hour and a few pain pills we decided it was time to go to the urgent care clinic.  Somehow we managed to get my mom into the car and then out again at the clinic, but her right leg didn't seem to want to work.  The clinic wasn't able to x-ray on weekends, so off we went again, this time to the ER.  This was about 6 pm.
The we did what anyone else would do in the same situation.  Wait.  And …

The Melbourne Swans

Footy season is over and the Sydney Swans were victorious.  I've spent more time lately watching the Melbourne Swans though, they are everywhere lately. 

A couple weeks ago on the first gorgeous day since winter began we went for a walk around Albert Park.  It is a beautiful pond right near the city, and the road around the park is the race track for the Formula 1 races.

The pond was full of pairs of giant black swans.  Maybe found this very exciting and desperately wanted to go swimming with them.  We were no fun and wouldn't let her.  The swans weren't very impressed with her and kept hissing at her.  I kept her on a short leash - those things looked like they were ready to eat her!  A couple swan pairs had these adorable little fuzzy grey baby swans - they are so much cuter than the adults.  I want one.  Or two.

Last weekend we went for a walk around the neighborhood pond and discovered that a black swan family has moved in, complete with 5 fuzzy baby swans.  We just s…