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Shirley You Can't Be Serious!

One month ago we doubled our westie collection with a sassy little puppy we named Shirley.  Maybe is such a good dog that we decided to get another one while she was still active enough to help train a new one.  We underestimated how much crazy a puppy brings, and every since we've been spending every waking moment trying to wear the puppy out so that she will let us sleep at night.   We named her Shirley as in Surely to go with Maybe.  We definitely couldn't name her Probably so it seemed like the logical choice.  We didn't realise until after we named her that the name pun doesn't translate well in Australia.  We were walking with some friends who asked about the name and I explained but they gave me blank looks.  When I spelled out S-U-R-E-L-Y they said "you mean Shore-ly?" and we all had a giggle at the different pronunciations.  They must not have seen the movie Airplane here either.
I'm glad we decided not to spell it Surely because then Aussies would…