Suzannah Does Dallas

Next Friday I'll land in Dallas, bleary-eyed and ripe from the long flight but excited none the less.  My two-week trip will be full of work and training, but with any luck it will also be full of good shopping and Mexican food.  My strategy is this: since I received Qantas Silver status I get 3 23-kg bags.  I sent Anita back with one, and I will pack a large duffle bag into my suitcase.  I will take very few clothes with me and use my first weekend there to stock up on some new work clothes and shoes.  No toiletries either - I will make a stop at Target that first day to get everything I need for half the price I would pay here.  I will fill that suitcase and duffle bag during the two weekends in Dallas, and then spend the day I have in San Diego filling the other suitcase with fabric (and spandex - Phil's new favorite clothing!).

I will have three days in San Diego, meaning six meals.  That translates to lunches at Khan's Cave, Rubio's and JK's Greek Cafe, and dinners at Oggi's Pizza, Mario's, and Point Loma Seafood on the way to the airport.  And of course LOTS of American bacon for breakfast.  Hopefully in Dallas I can get my fill of clam chowder and baby carrots.  Not that I've been thinking about any of this...

Oh yeah, you might be wondering what I'm doing in Dallas for work.  I think the more appropriate question might be what aren't I doing.  The original purpose was to witness a factory pre-commissioning test for a controls retrofit and learn about that process.  Since then I seem to have inherited another job though (yes, in addition to the job I already have), and will be learning about the overhaul process as well.  The first few days I'll be observing an engine tear down with some customers, and the last few days I'll be learning what the overhaul process coordinator role involves.  Then on to San Diego to shake babies and kiss hands (or something like that).


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