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Workin it in Katherine

A week ago I made the trip up to Katherine to check on the progress of the big project I've been working on for the last few months.  Katherine is a 3.5 hour drive from Darwin, and to get to Darwin I had to take a flight through Alice Springs because there are only direct flights from Melbourne to Darwin two days a week.  There is not much to look at on the flight from Alice Springs to Darwin - the center of the continent (and actually anything more than 100 km inland) is very barren and desolate. The drive to Katherine is pleasant, at least for the first few minutes.  Then I find myself chewing on gummy bears, crackers, gum, and anything else I can to keep myself awake because the scenery does not change.  Red dirt, trees, and that's about it.  Every once in awhile there's a road train to spice things up a bit.  Road trains are trucks pulling 3-4 trailers, and are not much fun to pass on one lane roads.  The termite hills are pretty neat to see too - it's amazing to t…