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Weather I'm ready or not

I was looking at tomorrow's weather forecast and decided to see what it's like in Melbourne right now. Then I checked the 6-10 day forecast and realized I will actually be there then. And it's really cold there right now! Most of my jumpers and winter woolies are on a boat somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Today was the first day of summer, and in a week it will be winter again. High of 53, low of 44 F (11 and 6 C, in case you were wondering).

The Number of the Day

Today is sponsored by the number one: In one week I will use my one-way ticket to move across the world. Once I arrive, I will have been in Melbourne one time.


We finally finished fixing up the condo today, just in time for the new tenants to move in next week. We are homeless right now, relying on the kindness and generosity of others. Fortunately we know some awesome people who are letting us stay with them in SD (thanks Lori and Brad!) and another family who has invited me to stay with them in Oz until we get settled. It sure is confusing though having no home. I keep having to fill out forms asking for an address, but which one do I use? The condo, my forwarding address, Phil's forwarding address, the Lents' place, our temporary digs in Oz, ... Having to pack for the two months our "household goods" are sailing across the world was confusing too. I had to pack one suitcase for summer and one suitcase for winter. We found several things the movers forgot, so somehow we'll have to get those things sent over too. We are pretty much surrounded by complete chaos until we move and get settled. Never a dull momen…

The 411

Why Australia? People keep asking me how I got this job. The secret - I applied! Here's the 411- In my last job one of the regions I worked with a lot was Australia. A year ago they had me travel to Brisbane and Perth for their regional meeting. I fell in love, and the day after I got back was looking at flights to return for vacation. Phil found a triathlon he wanted to do in New Zealand so we ended up going there instead, but did manage to get a night's layover in Sydney on the way. This was June, and we booked the trip for the following January. Then in December the Field Project Engineer position was posted. I thought about it but then decided it was just a dream. Then one day two completely unrelated coworkers mentioned the job, and I started looking at it again. I soon realized I would always regret it if I didn't at least apply. So I did. Meanwhile there we are in New Zealand for vacation. Turns out they are interested, so we arrange for a meeting in Sydn…

Australia Unplugged

I got my new shiny new laptop yesterday and was very excited to take it out and charge it up. Until I saw the cord that came with it. I think that was the moment that reality set in - I am moving to Australia in three weeks.