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Santa’s Aussie Holiday

by Maria Farrer and Anna Walker
The Arctic’s cold, with ice and snow, And that’s where Santa lives, you know.
On Christmas Eve he flies so fast We rarely see him whizzing past- But he keeps a lookout on his way For a place to take his holiday.
Each year he likes to have some fun, A chance to get some rest and sun; He spins his globe for inspiration And finds a perfect destination.
A big smile spreads across his face… Australia is the perfect place!
He packs his bag, his surfboard too, And lands his sleigh at Australia Zoo. He leaves his reindeer in the care Of friendly locals who live there.
He hires a ute and takes a ride To town – to buy a tourist guide, A t-shirt, thongs and bushman’s hat, Stubbies – and Aussie things like that.
He heads to Fraser Island first, The heat, it gives him quite a thirst! He cools off in the champagne pool And learns about the dingo rules.
And after going four-wheel driving, He heads up north for scuba diving. He dives around the Barrier Reef And meets a shark with long sharp teeth…