Aussie Building Dictionary

Aerator: Garbage Disposal
Alfresco: Patio
Aluminium: Aluminum
Architraves: Mouldings
Basin: Sink
Batten holder: Light fixture
Bench Top: Counter Top
Bin: Trash can
Brickie: Brick layer
Bushfire: Brushfire
Chippy: Carpenter
Cladding: Siding
Cloak: Coat closet
Colourbond: Metal Sheeting
Cornice: Crown Moudling
Council: County
Doona: Duvet
Draftee: Drafts person
Draw: Drawer
Ensuite: Master Bathroom
Family: Living Room
First Floor: Second Floor
Footpath: Sidewalk
Ground Floor: First Floor
Hob: Step
Letter Box: Mail Box
Light globe: Light bulb
Lounge: Sofa
Manchester: linens
Meals: Dining Room
Pelmet: Valance
Plaster: Dry Wall
Power Point: Outlet
Range: Stove
Render: Stucco
Robe: Closet
Rumpus: Play room
Slab: Concrete Pad.  Or a box of beer.
Sparkie: Electrician
Shaving Cabinet: Medicine Cabinet
Splashback: Backsplash (this one really confuses me!)
Skip: Dumpster
Skirting: floor mouldings
Tap: Faucet
Tip: Dump
Toilet: Bathroom
Tradie: Trades person
Trough: Sink

Phil Running Through 2018

Sometime late in 2017 I made the decision to try and run a 5k every day in 2018.  Inspired by friends who were running one a month, and others who run much more than that.  Little did I know the challenge that lay ahead.

Day 1: (don't worry, we won't rehash all of them...)

New Years Day in beautiful Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.  Early morning run in a truly spectacular setting, with a monster hangover.  Great plan!  But it can only get better from here right?
The next big obstacle was the Audax 140km bike ride in the mountains outside of Bright.  An early morning climb up Mt. Buffalo and then decending back to Bright before 2 more climbs up the front and back of Tawonga Gap. After a long day in the saddle there was still a run to do.  Not my fastest, but still ticked the legs over and got it done. 

Once you build a bit of momentum, it definitely is motivation to keep going.  Soon days turn into weeks. Weeks into months. Before you know it, you've run 180 in a row.  Now the fun …

My 2018 Makes

It seems like I spent the first four months of the year on planes, and the rest of the year driving back and forth to the lot checking out house progress.  But I must have squeezed in plenty of sewing time because I got a lot more done than I realised.  Here's what I worked on in 2018 -