Wilson's Botanic Park, Berwick

Last Saturday was a beautiful Spring day so we took the dog for a walk at Wilson's Botanic Park in Berwick (pronounced Barrick), just a few minutes from our house.  San Diego doesn't really have seasons, which means flowering trees are still a novelty to me.  I couldn't resist taking a bunch of pictures of the sights- makes it worth the cold winters!  

Maybe and I walked around the track, taking our time to chase rabbits and birds and enjoy the sights along the way while Phil ran four loops up and down the hills.  Then we headed down the street to Berwick Village for yummy scones with jam and cream, an Aussie favourite of ours.
reflection on the lake
Maybe enjoying the trot
Yellow Gum Tree
Maybe posing at the yellow gum tree
look out over the park
flowering trees

the other lake area 
adorable baby ducks frantically swimming away from the dog

pretty orange flowers
front pond
more gorgeous flowering trees
happy dog!
warn out from chasing the bunnies


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