Donna Buang - - Stripper or Mountain?

Donna Buang - stripper or mountain?  Probably both, but in this case it's the mountain.  A couple of weeks ago we took a beautiful 90-minute drive through some very green countryside and headed out to Warburton.  This was my first time out there but Phil had been riding there once before and thought it was worth a second visit.  He and his mate were very excited to get outside and do their first outdoor bike ride of the season.  I dropped them off and they took off on the 20 km ride up the mountain.

Les and Phil ready to start the ride
Meanwhile, I took the dog and we drove just a couple kms down the road to the start of La La Falls.  It was a very pleasant ~3.5 km hike to a pretty waterfall.  The best part of the trail is that dogs are allowed.  Maybe loved it, getting out and sniffing some new land, exploring the little water pools and bridges, and then splashing around in the falls.

Canopy at the start of the hike 
Cute little bridge over the creek
La La Falls
Maybe got super excited when she saw the waterfall
Splashing around at the base of the waterfall
Pretty mossy rocks along the path
Ferns growing amongst the lush canopy
Maybe the Explorer
Walking through the tall gum trees
 After our hike we drove to the top of Mt Donna Buang (shh no dogs allowed!) to meet the boys.  The view up top was very nice - steps lead up to an observation tower where we could see the Yarra Valley below and the Melbourne skyline in the distance.

View of Yarra Valley from the top 
Tall gums
See, I didn't make up the name 
the boys in front of the observation tower
 After riding down the hill, the boys and I met back up in Warburton for lunch along the Yarra.  It was a very pleasant day and a great way to get some exercise and take advantage of the wonderful spring weather.
Lunch along the Yarra


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