The $90 Movie

As a going away gift Phil's work gave him a $100 Gold Class gift card.  Gold Class is the upmarket way to go see a movie.  It's a small theatre that seats less than 30 people and everyone gets a recliner.  There is wait staff ready to serve you snacks, drinks, and meals as you wish.

We had heard about Gold Class and the gift card was a perfect excuse to try it out.  Turns out the tickets were $40 each plus a $10 booking fee.  $90 to go see a movie.  Ridiculous.

The Gold Class Theatre lounge
When we arrived at the theatre we were ushered towards the Gold Class wing.  There we approached a check in booth similar to airport lounge and were brought inside this bizarre waiting area.  We were seated at a table and handed menus.  How strange.  The waiter came back and took our order for both before the movie and then halfway through (food and drink not included in the ticket price).  After a few minutes of sitting around wondering what the heck was going on they invited us to enter the theatre and take our seats.

The seats were large squishy chairs with a button to recline and a small tray table in between the two seats.  The centre aisle held four seats and the two side aisles had two seats each.  The waiter delivered our drinks and we leaned back and settled in as the movie began.

Part way through a very intense movie (Gone Girl) the waiter delivered our lime and chilli calamari.  It felt a bit strange to munch on calamari rings in a movie theatre, but they were quite tasty.  Half way through they brought Phil another drink, and fortunately the movie was interesting enough that we didn't fall asleep in those comfy chairs.

Overall it was a fun experience, but I don't think I'd pay that much of my own money to see a movie. I'd much prefer watching one at home where I can hit pause and take a break - but I supposed if I have to share a theatre with others it's nice to only have 28 other people chew popcorn in my ear instead of 150.


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