Brilliant Mt Buller

Last weekend Phil and his buddy went for another 7 Peaks ride, this time up Mt Buller.  

Phil and Les
I wasn't too impressed with Mt Buller and the nearby town when we explored it last year, but they convinced me to go back with them and I'm glad I did.  They started off on their ride, and I drove to the base of the mountain to wait for them.  I grabbed my book and found a nice quiet spot on the rocks facing the river.

My view while reading
The boys stopped for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and then they were off for the top of the mountain.  I headed up to explore a bit and wait for them at the top.  The last time we went there was a mountain bike race up at the top so I couldn't really explore the summit.  Instead I was stuck in the little ski village with not much to see or do.  This time, without the bike race I was able to drive to the base of the summit and from there hiked the rest of the way to the top.  It was a bit bizarre seeing the ski resort signs and chair lifts without the surrounding snow, but it was a really pretty sight at the top.  It was a clear day and the view went on to several other mountains.  The hills were covered with little yellow flowers, and the clouds gave a nice contrast to the bright blue sky.   

Easiest blue run I've ever done
Mountain bike trails and yellow flowers
Steps to the top of the summit
Strange mix of summer and winter
Love this picture
After the boys made it up to the top we took a detour to Jamieson Brewery.  It was ok, but considering we were all starving and their kitchen was closed it was a bit of a disappointment.  We had a bowl of chips to keep us going, and then had a slow drive back through some very windy tree-covered roads.  It was a long day of driving, but at least the views made it worth the trip. 

Sculpture at the ski village
The boys at the summit


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