10 things you must do in Geraldton

Last week I found myself in Geraldton - a 4 hour drive or one hour flight North of Perth - for work.  After taking care of the work we were there for, we had a couple hours to kill before our flight back to Perth.  With nothing else to do, we decided to tackle the Top 10 Things to do in Geraldton.

The scenic site near Geraldton
Top 10 things you MUST o in Geraldton
To be honest, I couldn't be bothered with most of the things on the list, and a couple required helicopters.  The three that we did see (in some form) were plenty to give me a good feel for this funny little town.

#2: Explore the beautiful foreshore and enjoy a bbq at the beach

Well we didn't have a bbq, but we did see the foreshore.  The highlight was definitely the toilets, which didn't even get a mention on the list.  Dubbed Rubik's Loos, they were colourfully painted to look like Rubik's Cubes.

Rubik's Loos
#1: Watch the sun rise or set from the stunning HMAS Sydney II Memorial

We didn't have the timing quite right to see the sun rise or set, but the memorial itself was a surprisingly nice place.  My only complaint was the wrong use of the word it's carved into a large piece of marble.  Surely someone could have checked that before carving into the massive stone?  It's not that hard, just say it as two words and see if it really makes sense before using the apostrophe - welcoming home it's (it is) lost loved ones does not.  But I digress...

HMAS Sydney II Memorial
the top of the memorial
Sculpture of the woman waiting for her man to return
#5: Take a drive to the historical Greenough to find out how the pioneers lived

Once again we took creative license with the list, but I mainly just wanted to see the sideways trees.  The very salty sea breeze in this region makes trees grow sideways.  It's not obvious at first because the trees just look like large bushes, but from the right angle we could see that they do indeed grow sideways.

Sideways Tree #1
Sideways Tree #2
These sheep were not too impressed with the sideways trees
So that was my abbreviated version of the 10 things you must do in Geraldton.  Then it was time to catch a plane back to Perth for the evening.

Perth sunset


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