Bright and Beautiful

Over the Australia Day long weekend we went to Bright, a cute little town about a four hour drive from Melbourne.  Our friends have a holiday home there and invited us to join them.  Phil, along with our friend Glenda, signed up for the Alpine Classic bike ride, with Phil set to do 200 km and Glenda 250 km. 

We arrived after dark Friday night so didn't get a chance to see the town then. but Saturday morning we had a look around to familiarize ourselves.  The town centre was a hub of activity, with a river running through it and lots of families taking advantage of the water park next to the river.  There was a French festival sharing space with the bike festival booths, which made for interesting people watching.  We had lunch at the Bright Brewery and then relaxed with some books and the tennis match in the afternoon.  A trip to the local Feathertop winery completed the day. 

Feathertop Winery with Mt Buffalo in the background
Sunday morning Phil and Glenda got an early start for their 4 am departure.  Because the start was in the dark, the riders had to equip their bikes with proper lighting.  While I was still sleeping, these crazy people starting riding up the nearby mountains. 

The creek in Bright
I woke up at 6, very confused to find Phil standing over me.  My first thought was that I slept in and he was finished with the first mountain, but then he told me about his bike failure.  This battery on his electronic gear shifters died halfway up Mt Buffalo, so stuck in only one gear he had to call it a day and return.  He was understandably disappointed, but we took advantage of the extra time and went exploring.  We drove to the top of Mt Buffalo and explored an area called The Horn.  We took a short hike to the top of the rock formation that looks out over the whole region.  The rocks on this mountain were really unique and the views were spectacular.  We then drove to another viewpoint before heading back down the mountain. 

View from The Horn
Hiking up The Horn
View from the top - looking out towards Kosciouzko and the Australian Alps
The Horn?

View from Mt Buffalo
At the top of The Horn
Steps up to The Horn
Incredible view from The Horn
In the afternoon we walked from where we were staying into town for lunch and to check on the bike race.  We relaxed in some shade, and then I took Maybe to play in the creek.  She had so much fun splashing and swimming, and even grabbed a 1-metre-long stick out of the water to play with.  She was having so much fun that when we started the walk back, she sat down and wouldn't move until I let her go back to the water.  Phil ended up walking through it with her and she went for another swim with a great big smile on her face. 

Maybe and her big stick
Maybe going for a swim
Our friend Glenda finished her 250 km bike ride just before 7 pm.  It was good to see her reach that finish line!  It must have been a very long day of riding, and it was a very impressive effort.  

Glenda at the finish line
Glenda and John, our awesome hosts
We ended the long weekend with a nice breakfast in town before heading back to Melbourne for an Australian Open match that night.  it was a very full weekend! 


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