Truly Remarkables

The one thing I had to see while on Kangaroo Island was the Remarkables rock formation in the southwest corner of the island, but an unexpected surprise on the way was the beautiful Admiral's Arch.  We walked down a boardwalk and enjoyed the views of the pristine coastline while seals splashed in the tide pools below.
Coastline at Admiral's Arch
 We turned the corner of the boardwalk and were almost inside a giant sea arch.  It was huge, and the waves crashed loudly against the rocks made a wonderful soundtrack.  Pictures don't do it justice, so I feel lucky that I was able to experience it in person.
Admiral's Arch
After spending way too long at the Arch we drove down the road to The Remarkables.  They are an amazing volcanic rock formation completely on their own amongst the landscape.
The Remarkables
View from The Remarkables
Gotta take your picture under this rock!
As we explored the rocks it struck me how different a place like this was because it was in Australia rather than the US.  In the US, it would have to be roped off because so many people would visit that they would wear paths down into the rock.  Surely someone would decide to leave their mark in the form of spray paint, or someone would step off the rock, get hurt, and sue.  In Australia, we are free to explore the rocks, touch them, even climb on them.  So we did- they were huge and strange and wonderful, some very unique scenery that we really enjoyed seeing.


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