Hopping Around Kangaroo Island Part 2. Or is it 3?

Seeing the Remarkables was the main thing I wanted to do on Kangaroo Island, so after that we just played it by ear and wandered about.  The next morning Phil went for a long run while my parents and I went to Hanson Bay and then went on a tour of the Kelly Hill Caves.  The bay was gorgeous, the water was nice and clear and the clouds had formed a linear pattern in the sky making it hard to take a bad picture.  On the way back to the car we even saw a bunch of kangaroo prints pointed toward a pool of fresh water.
Hanson Bay
Hanson Bay
Roo tracks and my dad making tracks
The Kelly Hill Caves were a neat stop, there was a steep staircase leading us down into the cavern filled with lots of little formations.
Kelly Hill Caves
We then headed to the Marron Farm for lunch and enjoyed tasty local seafood platters.
Marron platter
Marron Montage -----

Then to end the day Phil and I went sand boarding at Little Sahara.  We just got one board to share, and it took a lot of energy climbing up the dunes so we were happy for the breaks in between.  It was tricky to get the hang of, and I eventually realised that it was a lot more fun to use the sand board as a toboggan instead.
Phil ready to sand board 
Wipe out #1
Wipe out #2
Lots of fun
successful toboggan run
 The following morning we stopped at one last beach before boarding the ferry back to the mainland.

Phil pretending to be excited about another pretty beach


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