Hopping Around Kangaroo Island (Part 1)

Easter morning we took the ferry over to Kangaroo Island from the mainland.  In less than an hour we were on the third largest island in Australia ready for a few days of relaxation.  Our first stop was American River, where of course I had to check out the pelicans hanging about.
Pelicans at American River
Next we headed to the grocery store to stock up on supplies for the week.  We stayed in Vivonne Bay on the south coast of the island, away from all the tourists, but also away from all of the cafes, restaurants, and food stores.  After an hour drive to Vivonne Bay, it became clear to me that this island was a lot bigger than it looked on paper.
Vivonne Bay
My dad and I at Vivonne Bay
Phil was in the midst of Ironman training so while he went for a bike ride my parents and I went to visit the Seal Beach Conservation Area.  We took a guided tour onto the beach and got to watch a mother seal surf in and call out to her baby until the baby joined her.  We were able to walk really close to the seals because the tide was in.  These creatures are funny to watch, they love sunbathing on the beach, playing, and making generally horrible sounds.
Seal riding in with the waves
Cuties cuddling
Play time
Seal Beach
In between Phil's training and our exploring we worked on a puzzle, drank some local wine, and read.  We also went to the pier off Vivonne Bay and tried unsuccessfully to catch some fish.

The pier at Vivonne Bay
Vivonne Bay at sunset


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