Our Trashy Neighbours

When we first moved here it seemed like every few weeks or so people would put all of this crap on their front lawns and then it would magically disappear a few days later.  We found it really odd and kept wondering what was going on.  We finally learned about hard rubbish collection, which is apparently when the council comes around and picks up anything you want to get rid of.  And I mean ANYTHING.  We have seen all kinds of things stacked outside people's houses - bikes, mattresses, tvs,  furniture, appliances, children...

This used to be on a set day but councils have recently required that you call in and book a hard rubbish collection.  It would appear that our neighbours have not received the memo considering their crap has been outside now for over a month and I saw the hard rubbish trucks drive by early one morning without so much as slowing down past that house.  It sure makes me wonder, do these people not notice this pile of trash that's been sitting in their front yard for weeks?  Do they not care that every time the wind picks up their trash blows around the neighbourhood?  I must confess though that I have been tempted to add our broken chair and smelly rug onto the pile.  Surely they wouldn't notice if the wall of crap grows higher?


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