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Tuesday of our WA road trip was the day I fell in love.  But first we had a long drive through lots of trees.  We left Hamelin Bay in the morning and after a couple hours of driving stopped at Beedelup Falls in Beedelup National Park.  The falls was pretty small, but the highlight of this stop was the suspension bridge on the walk back to the car.  I can't imagine how Phil must have felt crossing it with his vertigo, but even without vertigo this thing was wobbling all over the place.
The Southern Hemisphere's most sketchy suspension bridge
Down the road we stopped in Pemberton to climb the famous (really?) climbing trees.   They are three trees that used to be used as fire lookouts.  To climb to the top you use metal rods fixed in a spiral up the side of the tree.  What happens if you miss a step?  Don't worry, I'm sure the chicken wire they wrapped around the outside of the tree will catch you.  And once you get to the top, you have to do it all in reverse.  It was once of those attractions that would never happen in the US because someone would inevitably hurt themselves and sue, but in Australia it's free game.
The Southern Hemisphere's most sketchy tree climb
Climbing the Gloucester Tree in Pemberton
For lunch we headed down a long dirt road to check out Mandalay Beach in D'entrcasteaux National Park.  It was a really long beautiful beach with huge crashing waves and not a soul in sight.

Mandalay Beach
Then, we stopped in William Bay National Park and that's when I fell in love.  As we walked down the steps to Greens Pool this amazing scene was layed out before us.

Large waves crashed against the rocks and absorbed the water's energy to create this incredibly calm pool at the shore.  The water was so clear and had an unbelievable colour and sparkle.

sparkly water
 There were a few large boulders in this natural pool that made the scene even more spectacular.
Love Greens Pool - my second favourite beach ever
After soaking in the scenery and climbing around the rocks we took a path over to another bay called Elephant Rocks.  I had thought it was called Elephant Rocks because there were giant rocks, but turns out there was a rock that actually looks like an elephant.
Elephant Rocks - look at the rock in the middle :)
The bay at Elephant Rocks
We walked back to Greens Pool to take in the view one more time, and just couldn't resist the pull of the water on this warm day.  We threw on our swimsuits in the camper van and took a dip in the pool.  Of course the water was so cold that we didn't go in past our knees!

Greens Pool
The next beach over was called Waterfall Beach, named so because of a small waterfall right next to the shore.  It was pretty, but paled in comparison to Greens Pool.
Waterfall Beach
Our final stop of the day was at Boston Brewery in Denmark.  Phil tried another tasting paddle and I enjoyed the sauv blanc at Willoughby Park Winery connected with the brewery.  It was a nice way to wrap up the afternoon before we headed to Middleton Beach for the night.


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