Tanna, Vanuatu Part 1

We enjoyed a lovely escape from early in Vanuatu.  We flew from Melbourne to Brisbane on Friday and then it was just a quick 2 hour flight from there.  We landed in the main city Port Vila where we stayed for the first day relaxing and enjoying the sunshine, some smoked Marlin pizza, and some Vanuatu beers.  Then we flew to Tanna for our volcano adventure.
Phil getting into the holiday spirit
We stayed at Tanna Evergreen Resort for a few days, and though the word resort makes it sound fancy keep in mind that the main (only) road on the island is a dirt road so it's all relative.

The road on Tanna
There were just a couple tiny resorts where we stayed and then a couple even tinier ones near the volcano.  Other than that, there were just small villages of locals living very simplistic lives involving fishing, singing, and wearing penis sheaths for clothing.

Our "Resort"
Fishing on the reef
The resort was up a small hill from the water and we spent many hours walking around the rocks below exploring the reef and how the tide changes affected what animal life we could see.

Looking at fish in the reef at low tide
High tide
High tide

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