California Dreamin'

I've had a busy couple of weeks with a work trip to the States.  Between travelling to San Diego, DeSoto, and Mabank, accompanying a customer to a test, and squeezing in visits to family and friends in between, it was a long (fun) and tiring trip.  It didn't end when I got to the airport though.  My flight from DFW was 3 hours late leaving, and so when I walked off the plane in LA I was handed a packet with shuttle, food, and hotel vouchers and was informed that I was not going to make that night's flight back to Oz.

Fortunately I had an extra change of clothes and my phone charger in my backpack because that's all I had to get me through the next day.  The airline put me (along with the others who also missed the flight) in a hotel in San Pedro, which happened to be just a few minutes from my friends Liz and Ryan who I hadn't been able to catch up with on this trip.  They rescued me and we enjoyed a nice lunch and afternoon in Long Beach.  It was great to get an extra day of good friends and sunshine and certainly made the best of what could have been a bad situation.

The next night we are lined up to board the plane when a flight delay is announced.  Three and a half hours later we finally leave.  Turns out the chillers on the plane malfunctioned so all of the food had to be thrown out and replaced.  If only that delay were the night before we would have all made our flight.  But then I would also be a lot less tan.

We finally arrive in Oz and go to grab our bags.  But then of course the group of us delayed out of Dallas are called up to the service counter where we are informed that our luggage didn't make it on the flight.  I think at this point none of us is surprised, just another speed bump on this long journey home.  They took my address and fortunately everything was delivered in tact the next day.

I took a cab to Phil's work to pick up the car and noticed that there were leaves blowing everywhere.  It was so odd to go from a beautiful warm Sunday of Memorial Weekend to the cold autumn winds blowing in the city.  These song lyrics popped into my head and couldn't be more appropriate as Australia moves through the first day of Winter.

Ryan, Douglas, and Liz in Long Beach 
All the leaves are brown
And the sky is grey 
I went for a walk 
On a winter's day 
I'd be safe and warm 
If I was in L.A. 
California dreamin' 
On such a winter's day


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