Rooting and Barracking

Phil sent this to me the other day, and whether you were rooting for Romney or barracking for Barack, I think both sides can see the humour in this.  The two things they forgot to mention though are the higher income tax and the carbon tax.  Not the panacea some think it is!

I guess the moral of the story is that there is no perfect system.  Every country has its own take on a political system, and while some are better than others they all have one fatal flaw - humans are involved.  

When I was back in the states last month people kept asking me what Australia thought of the election. The answer: not much.  There would be an article in the paper once in awhile showing so-and-so on the campaign trail, but Australia was as concerned with the US presidential election as the US is concerned with who is Prime Minister here.  There was a campaign, an election, and life goes one.  It was sometimes embarrassing though to see just how much bickering went on.  Wouldn't it be nice if politicians could act like grown ups.  Australia might be worse with the bickering - sometimes we catch Parliament on tv and it is like watching a reality show.

It amazes me to see how every four years one side thinks that the world is going to end if one guy gets elected and the other side thinks everything will magically get better.  Neither side is immune, it happened when Bush was reelected and it happened again with Obama.  Somehow life goes on and problems continue, and we'll just do it all again in four more years.


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