Our Cup Runneth Over

Today is not just your ordinary Tuesday.  Well, to be honest, for most of you it's not actually Tuesday yet but trust me, you'll get there eventually.

So it's Tuesday, November 6th, the first Tuesday of November.  What does this mean?  Election Time?  Well yes, but like I just said, you're not there yet.  So what it means is that today is Melbourne Cup Day, a state-wide public holiday for a horse race.  Seems kind of silly to me, but a day off work is no laughing matter.

I guess the theory is that we're supposed to be at the races today, but we are just enjoying the day off, trying to convince our brains that it's really not Saturday.  I've been working on some sewing projects and watching the thunder storms roll in.  Perhaps the weather didn't realise it was Melbourne Cup Day - thunder storms and horse races can't be a good combination.

I get the impression that Melbourne Cup Day is a lot like Memorial Day in the states in that it serves as the unofficial start to summer.  The weather is starting to warm up (every third day or so after the cold and rain cycle through) and yesterday at the office everyone seemed to have a pink glow from spending the weekend outdoors.  Lots of people have barbecues today (which must be awesome in that rain!) and the fruit selection in stores is starting to look promising.  Three weeks to go until it's officially summer!


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