Welcome Home

After a fifteen hour flight across the Pacific, it felt really good to be home.  My flight landed half an hour early, I didn't get grilled by quarantine, life was pretty damn good.  I wasn't having fun juggling my 49.5 lb and 50.5 lb suitcases (that took a lot of strategic packing and a luggage scale), so when I finally saw Phil pull up with the car I was relieved to have his help.  He grabbed the cart, I carried the remaining suitcase, and we went to the car to load them up.  And that, my friends, is where today's adventure began.

When Phil headed over to help me, I heard the car make a strange honking sound.  I thought it was odd - was the same sound it makes if you try to lock the car and a door is open.  But it wasn't until we got back to the car that I connected the pieced.  Phil had left the car running when he got out.  Maybe, in her excitement to see me, had climbed up on the console to look out the window.  This also happens to be where the door lock button resides.  By now you're probably putting two and two together - the dog had locked herself inside the car with the engine running.  So there we stood, me with my unique plane odor, two packed suitcases, a backpack, and a bike box, and Phil trying to open all of the doors to no avail. 

At this point, what else could we do but laugh. 

A guy had seen this whole episode play out and came up and asked if we had just been locked out.  He looked up the roadside assistance number for us since Phil's phone was of course inside the car.  Then the guy who makes sure people don't park came over to see why we were parked.  He called someone else who came over to try and pick the lock.  Just behind his car is a cop car.  Apparently the dog being inside the car sprung everyone to action, and there was discussion of breaking the window to rescue the silly mutt.  At this point we could tell that the dog was feeling very sad.  She saw that I was there but couldn't figure out why I didn't say hi.  We tried to get her to walk back over the lock, but she refused to budge.  Then the roadside assistance guy and the police officers looked inside at her, and she just stuck her ears back and pouted.

Well, finally we ended up having to call RACV (like AAA).  We signed up for a membership over the phone and they promised to send someone soon.  So finally about an hour after this excitement started we got the car unlocked and were headed on the way.  It was an unforgettable welcome home.

After weeks of shopping online (I think the grand total was 19 boxes waiting for me at my parents' house) the trick was to fit everything


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