(still) Lost in Translation

I thought we had finally learned how to communicate with the Aussies, but we still get caught off guard once in awhile.  Today I was looking for a coworker, and another coworker told me he was in the toilet.  I laughed and asked if he needed any help getting out - because to my American brain, that meant he was literally INSIDE the toilet.  In my head I pictured a giant toilet bowl and my coworker treading inside the bowl, struggling to climb out.  But no.  Here, toilet just means restroom. 

On Sunday Phil and I took a customer to the footy.  Phil went to get himself a beer and came back with two.  It wasn't intentional - he had asked for a blonde draft.  So he got one cup of blonde beer, and one cup of draught beer - apparently he should have asked for a blonde from the tap.  And after you are handed two beers, you can hardly say no to either of them.  I suppose I should probably just be happy he didn't end up with a blonde chick.


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