Sweet Home California

It was nice to spend a few days last week in San Diego, even if it was very brief and hectic.  I've heard that the hardest part about moving away is moving back, and I am beginning to see why.  It was crazy to see how much had already changed in 7 months - births, deaths, engagements, graduations, broken bones, weight loss, even the penny looked different.  In some ways I had never left, but I could tell that the world was still spinning.  Some of my friends hadn't even seen each other since we last saw them.  Some have made new friends.  Life goes on.

I couldn't get over how hard I found it driving over there.  I have been focusing so much on living life here that the lines over what's "right" or "new" have blurred.  It took me two weeks to stop reaching to the left to shift into reverse - and to think - I've reached to the right to shift for almost 15 years but it only took a few months to cause chaos.  I was also surprised to find that I had a hard time understanding people with certain accents.  I never had a problem before, but I think my ears are becoming more adjusted to the British accents and less to the Spanish accents.

As nice as it was to visit, I was happy to come back home.  But it's still weird for me to think that this is home.  But it is, and I am loving it.


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