We must thrive on chaos.  Last year we had 12 months full of it, and now things have finally slowed down to normal.  So what do we do?  Get a kitten, of course!

We had been debating for awhile, have even had approval from our landlord for a few months.  But we had house guests coming, a trip to the states, it just didn't seem like the right time.  Then yesterday Karen (from our Aussie family) asked if we had any little new ones.  After a few horrified seconds thinking she was asking about babies, I realized she meant cats or dogs.  I also realized that with Phil home during the day and me in town for awhile, it might be a good time to get one.  Why not, it's only a kitten, right?  (Aren't those usually famous last words?)

We went to the RSPCA today (the local shelter) and while we were walking down the aisle full of cages a white paw stuck out and swiped at us.  We looked inside and saw two crazy kittens, one black and white and one tabby with white paws, belly, and tip of the tail.  They were both female, around 9 weeks old.  We fell in love with the tabby, especially her little pink nose.  Her and I have one big thing in common - we burn easily, so she'll be a perfect little indoor kitty.  She doesn't look like she'll be a very large cat, which will be a nice contrast to our monster of a cat George.  Hopefully he likes having a female cat better than he did having another male cat. 

Poor Sigmund :(  I feel a little guilty getting another cat when we had to leave Sig at home, but when I visited him a couple weeks ago he seemed so happy that I suspect he's no longer our cat.  He was never too impressed with the dog and cat anyway.

So we asked to look at her, and found out she had been returned by the people who had previously adopted her.  Apparently she was too ferocious for them.  We suspect she was just being a kitten (fingers crossed!).  We loaded her up, brought her home, and stuck her in the spare room.  George caught a glimpse of her and gave her a big hiss, and Maybe saw her and started shaking with excitement.  After a brief nap I gave her and Maybe a brief introduction, and it seems like they'll be fine.  She doesn't seem to be too afraid of anything.  Not sure how the introduction with George is going to go, but we'll wait a few days for that drama to unfold.

Now we are trying to figure out what to name her.  We were originally thinking Surely, to go with Maybe.  We are debating between that and Lucille (Lucy for short) in order to keep the Arrested Development theme going.  Either way, she's absolutely adorable and I know she's going to provide us all with endless entertainment.


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