Posting Bail

Today I posted bail for our precious little prisoners. I cannot believe the ungodly amont of money we had to spend moving them here. Between the twelve million vet visits, the special USDA-approved paperwork, the massive amount of shots, the plane tickets, and the thirty days they'll spend in the world's most expensive puppy jail, I'm fairly certain we could have bought a car instead. But those silly little creatures are worth every penny. Well, Maybe is. George, um, he's just George. Let's not talk about what he's worth. Let's just say that he's lucky Maybe really loves him because that might have been his meal ticket over here.
When I get home from work Friday George will finally be there. I am excited to show him his new cat tree strategically placed in the bird-watching window. He is going to flip Saturday morning when he sees the daily cockatoo circus. I just know he's going to spend every morning staring out the window at them, slowly swishing his tail. Then Saturday morning we get to go pick up Maybe. That is going to be a good day. I can't wait to have her curl up next to me in bed. It has been over three months since I've lived with her. Unfortunately, Maybe has been learning bad habits while away at puppy camp. She has learned how to bark and that does not make me happy. We'll have to bust out the treats and make sure she remembers how to be a good dog.
So I'll have my babies back for a day before I head off on my next adventure. This time, I'm going to the remote Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. I'll return just in time for my 30th birthday. Earlier this year I was dreaming of a birthday trip to a tropical island, and I guess I got my wish. Not exactly what I was picturing though!


  1. I'm hoping your babies haven't been traumatized too much by their long ordeal. 'Gotta love our wonderful pets who give us so much love!


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