Maybe is almost in Oz!

For those who aren't sure why this blog is called Maybe in Oz, it's named after our West Highland White Terrier, Maybe Jezabel. Phil and I unanimously agree that she is the best dog in the entire world, so when it came time to thinking about moving her across the world with us, there was absolutely no doubt she was going too. Unfortunately it was quite a painful process getting her over here. Fortunately tomorrow morning that process will be closer to finished.
Right now she (and my cat George - Phil's cat Sigmund has stayed with our friends in San Diego) are about 5 hours into their flight. They are on the same flight as Phil, though they probably have more room in their seats than he does in his. Except Phil had a choice to make the trip, they didn't. And that's why I feel really bad for them right now. It's not their fault their parents decided to make a crazy move, and they are stuck in cages in the dark with absolutely no idea what is going on. Maybe had to leave her best friend Winston (my parents' cat), and she'll probably never get to play with their dog Sheba again. George had to leave his new best friend Murray the cat. When we started the process, George was decent when he would go to the vet, and now with his last couple of appointments he has had to be sedated to get his shots. I sincerely hope that they will be the same animals once they come home that they were before.
This whole process is supposed to take 6 months, but because Maybe was overdue on one of her shots and I hadn't realized it, it will actually take 7. The clock starts when the vet first took their blood samples, and they are not allowed to be released into Australia until 6 months has passed. They were allowed to live with us in the meantime, just had several vet appointments and vaccinations. We had to apply for import permits for them, requiring a trip to the USDA in LA. There was lots and lots of paperwork involved and at times it seemed like our vet was doing everything they could to complicate the process further. This long process is why I moved over about three months before Phil - he had to stick around as a single parent and make sure the animals got to all of their appointments. I am really grateful to him for taking care of everything, because I know it would have been incredibly stressful for me.
Last Friday they had their final vet appointment in San Diego and then Monday morning Phil dropped them off at the USDA vet in LA. From there they had a final check up, and were then sealed in their crates and taken to the airport. In 11 hours they will land, to be picked up by quarantine staff in Melbourne. They will have another vet appointment to make sure they're ok and then they will be placed in their quarantine accommodations. There they will live for 30 days. We are allowed to visit, but only for an hour at a time up to twice a week, Tuesday through Friday 11-12 or 1:30-3:30. I can't imagine it would be a very exciting time for them, but hopefully bringing in their beds and some toys with make things more bearable.
September 3rd is going to be a great day for us. That is the day they'll finally be able to come home. I can't wait to show them their new home, George is going to love watching the cockatoos from the window and Maybe will love having a yard. Just have to get through the next few weeks, and then we can really settle in and call this place home.


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