A Fond Farewell

In just hours, Phil will begin his journey to join me in Australia. It has been a long couple of months apart, and I look forward to finally starting our life together here. Here are some of his thoughts as he gets ready for the journey.


Suzannah started this blog to help keep everyone in the loop as we attempt to move all the way to the other side of the world. It has already been quite an adventure! Doing something crazy like this requires patience, trust, alcohol, and an amazing support network.

Since we rented out the condo in May, Lori and Brad were kind enough to let us (and then just me), including our dog and cat, stay with them. Words cannot thank them enough.

In Australia, Suzannah was able to stay with Karen Brouwer and family until our shipping container from the USA finally arrived in late July. We now feel like we have family in OZ, and look forward to spending more time with them.

Thanks to Anita, Brad, Lori, Matt, Jessica, Trevor, Betty, Charles, Ben, Rinka, Lisa, Jessie, Jamie, and Candice for the happy hours and those horrible shots.

Thanks to Raymie and Pedro for the bonfire and letting me hang with the family on a nice summer day.

My in-laws have been extremely helpful and always willing to let Maybe come and hang out over there. She is really going to miss them, especially Winston their kitten. The two of them are peas in a pod.

It was great to see my parents, the Shelley family, and Amber and Koen. I am super appreciative that they were able to come out and see my final triathlon in the USA for awhile. My cheering section was amazing!

A special thanks to everyone who attended my work farewell in July 29th, and to Kaz and Jason for getting up early on a Sunday morning to play blackjack.

In a few hours I make the trek to LA with the dog and cat. They have their final vet appointments, and then will be ready to send over first class (and by the I mean their kennels). We won't see them again until Thursday, where they will be staying at the five star quarantine station we've been telling Maybe is "puppy camp."

Looking ahead, we can't wait for everyone to visit and hope that everyone takes the opportunity to see the other side of the world. We have some big events planned over the next couple of years. Suzannah's 30th birthday trip to a crazy South Pacific island, my Gatorade Triathlon series races throughout Victoria, exploring the rain forrests and the Northern Territory, snow skiing through eucalyptus trees, hopefully a trip to Antarctica to finish off visits to all 7 continents in our 30s.

This is truly one great adventure, and there is nobody else I would rather do it with.


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