The Starting Line Up

People keep asking me who is going when - so here's the timeline. I am leaving on Monday, and once I get there I will be staying with my mom's friend (my parents are calling them my adopted family) for awhile. Phil is coming over for a visit at the end of June to help me find a house. Then he, Maybe, and George will move out August 8th. Once they arrive, the animals will be in quarantine ("puppy camp", please don't use the Q-word around my babies) for 30 days. We will get to visit them, but only during visiting hours and those are fairly sporadic. Puppy camp ends on my birthday, so that is going to be a great present for me.

Phil's cat Sigmund does not handle the stress of traveling well, so he is staying with our friends/coworker. We are very greatful that they offered to take him, he seems to be adjusting well. We miss that silly cat, but it is a lot less stressful knowing he has such a good home.


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