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Hello all! You've been hearing from Suzannah for the past few entries, so I have to report that she is telling the truth. I arrived in Melbourne on Saturday and she took me on a tour of our new house. It became very apparent that we would need to shop for a ton of new furniture. By 10am we were already at the stores (my flight landed at 5:30am).

The new house is amazing and is already beginning to take shape. One of the highlights are the flock of cockatoos that live in the neighborhood that hang out on our roof in the morning. I discovered that there are about 30 cockatoos and another 20 white parrots (and have red on their neck) that sit on our roof. It is hilarious. These birds are so loud, but for now the noise is a novelty. Hopefully it stays that way.

One of the highlights was going to Costco and Ikea in the same day, and completely filling the car with stuff. We even had to take the TV and barstools out of the boxes to get them to fit into the car. All of this was done on the side of the road outside the Costco. While we were loading up, a lady stopped and tried to ask us for directions. I just laughed. Of all the people to ask... This was all in downtown Melbourne. So I decide to drive home and proceed to ignore the TomTom and exit the freeway, make an illegal right turn and almost get hit by a train. This was also the same trip that Suzannah kept yelling at me that I was getting too close to the wall on the passenger side. Hilarious.

We went out and saw the World Famous Penguin Parade out on Phillip Island (Thanks for the island Australia, you shouldn't have). We bought a season pass, that also includes the Koala reserve and a working Aussie farm. For all our visitors, we can't wait to take you out there and show you how cool these little birds are.

I spent most of today finishing up errands for the house and getting prepared for tomorrow's bike ride. I currently have the Felt B16 Triathlon bike with me and will put in about 50 miles tomorrow as I prepare for the 135 mile "ride around the bay" in October. Plus I have joined the Melboune Triathlon Club to train with and for moral support. I hope to meet up with them soon.


  1. Wow! sounds so awesome! Also sounds like you will really enjoy it there. I also like that you joined the triathlon club. What a great way to get the feel of your new life. Love you both, Mom


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