Can you talk Mexican?

Yesterday Phil and I drove by this place called Taco Bill that has a sign advertising half off meals on Mondays. Intrigued by the concept of Mexican food in Australia, we decided to give it a try. The restaurant was in an old Catholic church - you could even have a table in the choir loft. Along with the menu we were given a flyer that said "can you talk Mexican?" Inside is the Taco Bill dictionary with entries such as Nachos Supremos (nar-chose zoo-pre-mos) and Ensalada (en-sa-la-dar). Only in Australia would a syllable ending in an 'a' sound be phonetically spelled 'ar." Our plates arrived, mine beef enchiladas (which they spelled incorrectly on the menu), his beef quesadilla. They were both edible, but very loose definitions of the dishes. Phil's was basically a taco, and the beef in mine was hard to find amongst the tasty cheese. The beans were covered in salsa. The Aussies love their sauce (normally ketchup) dumped all over everything. I just don't get it. The rice was plain rice with a little bit of seasoning. Considering the laugh we had about eating Mexican food in a church in Australia on our anniversary, it was worth the experience. I think we'll be cooking our own Mexican food next time though. And don't worry, we'll be going out for a nice anniversary dinner downtown next weekend.


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